Why write a book?

The motive behind writing book is not always to spread an idea, also at times; it helps to make the change happen. It’s just the power behind your words, which makes you stand distinct among the crowd. A book is a physical souvenir, a physical product, something that gives your ideas substance and brings it to life.

There are numerous reasons, why you should write a book:
1) Accomplish your dream: You are passionate for something, and want people to know about it, but it is difficult to express yourself in front of others. So, you should do what you have always wanted to express yourself with intent whether they like it or not.
2) Enhance your credibility: By writing a book, you become a “Name” in a given area, which helps you to enhance your credibility and certainly you feel good about yourself and comfortable in your skin.
3) Increase your visibility: With a book behind you, it is far easier to let your thoughts reach global audience and become the world famous person you always wanted to be.
4) Broaden your horizon: Writing a book allows you to broaden your horizon. It potentially allows you to move into multiple dimensions and expand your perspective.
5) Gain a competitive edge: With enhanced credibility and visibility, you can leverage your existing career. You now have what you always craved for – an edge, an identity.
6) Bring the change: If you want to bring about change in people, there is nothing better than putting your thoughts into action – not only preach but lead by example and that can come only when you are comfortable with your ideas – when you are an author.

This is the importance of writing a Book, don’t slack behind, get your pen and paper out and start writing so you can make a difference in someone’s life and also change your life too.

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