Tunji is a Speaker, author, pastor and CEO of Accelerated Authors Academy Ltd. Tunji has worked with over 100 people to write and publish their books and coached over 1000 through speaking at events.

He is known as the Book Publishing Coach and works with coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs and business owners to create credibility, authority, visibility and profitability using the power of writing and publishing their first or next book in 89 days or less to build their business, profile and brand.

My Topics

I speak on topics such as: 

1. Book Writing - I show people how to get their book written in 90 days or less using a system I have created. 

2. Book Publishing - I give people the action steps to publishing their books the right way and gain credibility, visibility and profitability.

3. Book Business Building - I show people how to build a business around their message in a book so they can increase their income. 

4. Mindset - I believe Mindset is the number one thing to help anyone achieve more, do more and be more in life and business. I believe that we all have been designed and destined for more than where we are right now and we have what it takes to make it.

5. Kingdom Entrepreneurship - I let faith based individuals know that we all have been given an idea by God to build something that can create impact, influence and income. 

More About Tunji Olujimi


In 2021 Tunji was listed as an official honouree on the Brainz 500 global awards as one of 500 top entrepreneurs and influential leaders who are recognized for their entrepreneurial success, achievements, and dedication to helping others.

Tunji was born premature and weighed 1 pound with no hope of living along with his twin sister, but he also had a hole in his heart and needed an operation. Growing up with Dyslexia made it difficult for him to excel in education but it also gave him the determination to make something of himself and now has written and published five books, started two businesses, and running a ministry.

Alongside his wife Elizabeth, they are the pioneers of the KingdomPreneurs Summit - London which is geared towards helping Kingdom Entrepreneurs to thrive in the marketplace.

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