About AAA

Hi there

I’m Tunji Olujimi – An author of 5 books, a speaker, pastor, the Book Author Coach and the creator of Accelerated Authors Academy and I’m here to help you write your bestselling positioning book to establish you as an expert and authority in your industry in as little as 90 days to build your platform.

I believe that anyone can write a book because everyone has that one book in them that needs to come out on display. We all have a story, message to share that will position our credibility and visibility.

Our goal is to inspire you to write your best positioning book that helps you create Impact, Influence and Income by bringing what’s on paper to life.

All of us have a book inside of us or a message to share, just waiting for the world to see it. The problem is most of us don’t know where to start or deep down we don’t believe we can do it. Regardless of whether you’re starting from scratch or have a completed manuscript in need of publishing.

Vision – Helping Entrepreneurs Establish Authority, Credibility and Profitability Using the Power of Books

Mission – Help You Write a Book that Positions YOU in the Market Place as an Expert

Accelerated Authors Academy has compiled an easy to follow step by step program to help individuals write and publish their book within 90 days or less to build a platform for growth. We offer bespoke coaching packages to meet your needs and help you through different stages of book writing to publishing and launching your book with a bang. We are here to offer you honest advice and consultation that unveils you to the reality of the publishing world.