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Writing is an art and like every art it needs your mind to be free and words will start coming out of your pen like they were meant to be. So what are you afraid of? The blank paper is waiting to be inked, get on with it!!
There is no secret to writing a book fast or slow. It’s just the speed of your thoughts. So once you have made up your mind, just pick up a pen and bleed your heart out on that sheet of paper.
However, there are a few pointers that I would like you to keep in mind while writing a book:

1. Know and Respect your thoughts: If you know what the basis of your book is and you are in sync with your thought process, then writing is hardly a problem. All you have to do is just stay in the groove.

2. Know your audience and subject: This is not a challenge when you are comfortable with the first point I’ve mentioned. Remember that we are not trying to pre-empt the audience’s thought process but if you know your subject, you can certainly add a punch to your plot! Use your resources well, whatever resources you have, handful or minimal, if you can use them well and understand your subject in-depth, you will be amazed with the results you are getting.

3. Plan your book: The plan is the most important ingredient like in any other endeavor. You should plan your outlines, timelines etc. and divide them into milestones to keep track of where you are at any given point of time. This gives you time to think your thoughts over if you need to and plan your endeavor.

4. Keep the plot simple: Remember to keep the plot of your book simple and don’t bore your audience with unnecessary details about the characters background or unsettling details about their physicality and features. Know where to stop and keep your audience hanging and wanting more.

5. Don’t be afraid to re-write: Its oddly unsettling when you know what you have written is not your best and you are thinking it needs to go away! Don’t be afraid to discard it. Remember that you are following a plot and when there is a shred of doubt that it might not fit, get rid of it. You will know that it worked out for the best.

6. Stay motivated and don’t be overwhelmed: Sometimes the words you are writing can overwhelm you with their sheer intensity and speed to which they are coming on and that can be demotivating. Don’t let your thoughts do that to you, staying focused on your goal and having an idea of the end product can prevent it.

7. Remember why you started: With all these things going on, it is natural to sometimes lose track of certain things. Stay Motivated, stay focused and remember why you had started in the first place. Knowing your goal can be extremely motivating, whether you are writing to be an entrepreneurial author or anything else.

Writing can be really fun and inspiring, remember what Mark Twain said “Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.”

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