Become an Author now – Here’s why…

Have you talked to yourself yet? Ever? If not, try it, and if you like talking to yourself you’ll know who you are …. A writer at heart! Seems simple because you don’t become an author, you just are. Writing is nothing but as simple an exercise of knowing what you feel and expressing yourself in a way that you like it. If you like it, then obviously your peers will, because you know what…. They also like talking to you and your thoughts.
Being an author, like all other artists come with benefits, obviously. Some of us who are bloggers and write for some pages will know what I am talking about. Others are thinking, really? Writing has benefits, huh? Yes, let me elaborate.

1. An ideal profession: Writing is an ideal profession. It fits every lifestyle. If you like to write when everything around you is calm, you seek refuge of nature. If you like to write in a chaotic environment you sit in the middle of train station and write. You may be a late night buff or an early riser, but the end result is the same, your thoughts! So become an author, because you can choose your lifestyle rather than adopting one!

2. A way to gain expertise: Any subject worth writing comes with some form of learning. You learn about the tricks of the trade. Let us say you are writing about a crime thriller. If you don’t dive deep into the mind of a criminal, you won’t ever be able to make the impact with your words you intended to. To know the nuances of the crime, you yourself have to be a criminal – Too dark? (Replace crime with solving a crime and criminal with a spy ;-). But take it up, become an expert!

3. Your income stream: Not a point to be mentioned, of course like any other job, writing pays you well and how….by doing what you like. How many of us know people who do that, earning while loving their work. You could become one.

4. Admiration and stature: Not all people who earn big money play baseball, some of them write too! Remember Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling? It is one of the ways to make big, to live your dreams and to gain admiration and grow in stature among your peers and society in general. Don’t tell me you don’t want it!!

5. Networking: A non-tangible benefit of course, but important nevertheless. Both in professional and personal life we need networking. People who could help us, people who need help and people who you are comfortable with. Writing elevates you to a club, a club of people who you want to be associated to and vice versa!

Becoming an Author gives you a platform to work on that most people dream of having. Take that step today and live your dreams and make it a reality.

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