It’s all in the Mind – You’ve got what it takes to write that Book

I look around and I see people who keep telling me that they can’t write a book or they don’t have the time to sit down and write their book. I say it’s a matter of the mind and how you think; if you want to be serious about your book then you will put your mind to it and do what it takes to make it happen.

Your mind-set determines your outcome in a situation, the way you think shows from your conversation and what comes out your mouth so be careful when asked a serious question and how you respond to it. When it comes to writing a book I have learnt that one must change his/her mind-set in order to see that book come to reality.

Why do I say change your mind-set?

Well if you keep thinking you can’t write it or you don’t have the time to write the book then that will become your reality, you will keep having the excuse that you never have time or that I just can’t write a book so I won’t try.

You all have what it takes to bring hat idea in you to life in form of a book that will help position you as an expert in your field, build your business to the next level, help motivate others who want to learn from you and also educate people on topics dear to them. It’s a matter of the mind my friend, just see yourself writing and finishing that book in a space of time and you becoming an author.

What do you see?

Do you see yourself becoming an author? Does your inner eye show you the reality of you sitting down and putting pen to paper or typing away on your pc/mac? I’ll share something from my book “Glory Realm Living” – If you don’t see it then you can’t believe it and walk in it; you must begin to see right, think right and act right.

You must see it first then you can be it and have it, you can write that book once you see yourself as an author in your mind. This is a saying of mine:

“Change your Thinking then you’ll Change your Living”.

Your expectations set the boundaries for your life; you will have what your mind expects.

See yourself as an author NOW, writing the book that will change your life, your business and people around you and those you can’t reach personally.

There is a Book in you waiting to come out and it’s up to you to make it happen this year. There’s 4 months left in 2015 and you can still become a published author but you must see it in your mind and then be it in reality. Like I say everyone has a book in them and anyone can write a book once they know how to get started, you just need a helping hand.

My goal is to help those in the self-help space bring the idea of their book out of their head, onto paper and then into a book in record time and then using that book as a tool to build their business, change lives and increase their income.

If this helps you to get started on your journey to becoming an author than I am blessed and would like to say congrats to you for making the decision to start writing your book NOW. Thank you all for reading and feel free to leave comments below if you have any questions or you can PM too.

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