Great Content that provides Value is KING

I’ve been teaching and coaching people for a while now on how to write your book in record time within 90 days or less. One thing I have learnt during this process of writing my books and helping others get their books done is Great Content is KING, content that brings great value to the reader.
You must have the right information in your book that makes your reader want to:
1 – Improve their lives
2 – Helps them make changes
3 – Gain more knowledge in a particular area
4 – Move higher in their thinking
5 – Become more spiritual
6 – Change careers
7 – Start their business
Having great content makes you to be seen as an authority in that field and gives you credibility as an author. People know when you are talking crap in your content because it shows in your writing and what you are providing to the readers. Having a long book of 150 – 300 pages doesn’t necessarily mean that it has great content; the length of the book doesn’t determine the value of the book.
You can have a small short book of 15 – 80 pages with awesome content that brings the reader the information needed sweet and shape by going straight to the point. Once your reader sees that you know what you are talking about, walking the walk and not just talking the talk then you will be the go to guy/girl.
Let me give you an example, my new book “How to write your Book FAST” is a very short book but with content that brings value to the reader teaching them the steps to getting starting as an author and how to finish their manuscript on time. From providing this content, it’s helped me to be seen as one who knows what his talking about when it comes to writing a book and also people have been able to take the content from the book and start their journey to becoming an author.
How to provide great content?
1 – Read more Books: The more you read the more you improve yourself on a daily basis and it helps sharpen your mind. Develop an attitude of reading books from experts who can guild you to becoming a better you. Books like – Think and Grow Rich, Think Like a Billionaire Become a Billionaire, The Millionaire Messenger, Your Best Life Now, Awaken the Giant within etc.
2 – Watch video with great content: Go onto YouTube and watch video of individuals who are the leaders in their industry and learn from them every day. Watch people like – Brendon Burchard, Stefan Pylarinos, Maria Foleo, TD Jakes, Tony Robbins, Les Brown etc.
3 – Research: Start researching your industry in more detail and grab all the information you need for you to provide great content in your book, your blog, vblogs and so on. Make sure you have done your homework properly.
These are the 3 keys I use to create great content for myself and what I send out to my community.
If this helps you to get started on your journey to becoming an author than I am blessed and would like to say congrats to you for making the decision to start writing your book NOW.
Thank you all for reading and feel free to leave comments below if you have any questions or you can send me a PM too. Have a great day guys and as I always say Keep Smiling and Keep Shinning.
Tunji Ogunjimi – The Book/Author Coach

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