Becoming the MESSAGE not just the MESSENGER

I watched a video yesterday and it really got me thinking about becoming your message as an author in the non-fiction self-help space. When starting out, you must realize that you are sharing a message to people who don’t know you but want to learn from you. Have in mind that you must know what you’re talking about when writing your book.

What to Consider?

1 – Know your Message: As a messenger you must first know and understand the message you are sending out to people to read. Do your research in depth making sure you have nailed it down and can speak about your message anytime anywhere without being prompted too. You must become your message; become the information that must be shared to the world. If you are speaking on health then you must be very healthy and look good so that when writing or speaking about it and I can that you know what you talking about and physically you are in shape.

2 – Become the Message – After knowing and understanding your message now you can be and become the message, people must see you in your message when reading your books. If you writing a book about finance, I must see that you are financially free into to talk to me about finance. You must be able to show different ways, in which I can save money, invest money and make money to improve my finances. You should share personally experiences about your past, present and the future. As Bruce Lee said “when you pour water into a cup, it becomes the cup” so when you put your words in a book you must become that message.

3 – Have Clarity: You must be clear on your message as an author; you have something powerful to share to the world that can bring life changing impact to people who read your books. Let your message have clarity birth within it so when I am reading your book I know what you stand for and what you have to offer.

4 – Be Passionate: To be the message you must have an overflowing passion about your message. Let us see it in your writing as an author that you enjoy what you are sharing with the readers, let the words jump off the pages into our being because we can feel your passion as you write. Your target audience should be able to tell that you love your subject and you love sharing it to the world.

5 – Express your Message: This is very important for authors, you must learn to express yourself to the fullest in your book. Learn to bring out the best of you in your writing style, flow the way you flow and don’t copy anyone else just be you and your message will come out to the world.
As an aspiring author in the self-help space you must become the message and not just the messenger. Think on these 5 keys to unlocking your message and be the words that you write. This is to your success guys, keep smiling and keep shinning.

My goal is to help those in the self-help space bring the idea of their book out of their head, onto paper and then into a book in record time and then using that book as a tool to build their business, change lives and increase their income.

If this helps you to get started on your journey to becoming an author than I am blessed and would like to say congrats to you for making the decision to start writing your book NOW. Thank you all for reading and feel free to leave comments below if you have any questions or you can PM too.

Tunji Ogunjimi – The Book/Author Coach

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