Building a Personal and Business Brand with a Book

In the modern business world an organisation’s brand image can be as important as the goods or services it produces. A strong brand image is a powerful asset. A recognised and trusted brand identity makes people confident that the organisation is dependable. This is why successful people and businesses work hard at building their brands and presenting them in a clear and consistent way.

Branding provides an image of who you are and what you stand for as a person and a business!

What does a book have to say about you and your brand? It tells people that you are an expert in your field and an authority in your niche because writing a book is not a small task. A book will build your personal and business identity by putting your brand before new audiences and clients. It will position your corporate identity for those who have already bought into your brand and extend your brand’s reach.

                                                           Your book becomes your new business card!

Writing and publishing a book is one of the best ways to demonstrate your expertise in your line of business and as a person with certain skills. It strengthen your brand, no matter what industry you’re in, If you’re an industry leader or entrepreneur, publishing a book can help to build your credibility and provide your audience with more value.

                                                           A series of books become your legacy!

A Book brands you and your business; if you know what you want to write about from the get go. Determine your topic or niche when thinking about your book; it will help decide what line you should write in for personal and business branding. Think about
• Your Purpose
• Your Passion
• Your Business
• Your Values
• Your Interest
• Your clients and customers you want to attract

My Books (Glory Realm Worshipper, Glory Realm Living, The W in You, How To Write Your Book FAST) and Business (T.O Consultancy) have given me a brand name known as The Glory Realm Worshipper and The Book/Author Coach.

So write your book, increase your personal brand and build your business today!

                                       Your book becomes an extension of you and your business!

Tunji Ogunjimi​ – The Book/Author Coach
T.O Consultancy – Inspiring you to succeed as an author.​

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