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ATTENTION Aspiring Authors:
 How to Get Your Message/Story in a Book, Gain Credibility, Become An Authority, Be Visible and Make Money

Join 12 Top industry leaders in the area of Publishing, Entrepreneurship and PR to help you become an author and start a side hustle NOW! 

MAY 18TH - MAY 22ND  


This 5 day LIVE and highly-interactive challenge will help you get clear on exactly why now is the Best Time to share your story/message. It will give you the skills for writing, publishing and launching your book and showing you how to start, grow or scale a side business with a book in the new virtual economy. 


I’ve brought together 11 Experts I know to teach you what works right now with proven tools + the strategies for online publishing and business success.

All the guests you’ll hear from during this challenge all run successful virtual businesses and If we were able to have this as a live event, it would cost thousands to get them all into a room together.

But you have access to them for FREE with DAILY and LIVE training


What You will learn during the 5 days

Challenge Daily Schedule 

DAY 1 

1. Danni - Why now is the best time to share your story/message to the world with a book.

2. Michelle - How to become an authority with your message using the power of a published book

DAY 2 

1. Morgan - How to create your prefect writing routine to help you write 1000 words an hour

2. Jyotsna - The 3 ways to get your manuscript ready in 30 days without doing any writing 

DAY 3 

1. Emeka - How to market your book to right audience, sell lots of copies and make profit   

2. Haddy - How to use PR to get media attention for your book and in the press e.g Forbes, BBC, CNBC, Daily Mail, The Guardian and   

DAY 4 

1. Raymond - How Collaboration with Influencer's can help you build a launch team for your book  

2. Alinka - How to Become a Amazon, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author  

DAY 5 

1. Dererk - Why now is the best time to build your author business    

2. Tyler - How to build a side hustle with your book and start making passive income

3. Jesse - How to turn your book into a virtual online business

Meet Our Host

I I’m Tunji Olujimi – An author of 5 books, a speaker, pastor, the Book Author Coach and the CEO of Accelerated Authors Academy and I’m here to help you write your bestselling positioning book to establish you as an expert and authority in your industry in as little as 90 days to build your platform.

I believe that anyone can write a book because everyone has that one book in them that needs to come out on display. We all have a story, message to share that will position our credibility and visibility.

Our goal is to inspire you to write your best positioning book that helps you create Impact, Influence and Income by bringing what’s on paper to life.

All of us have a book inside of us or a message to share, just waiting for the world to see it. The problem is most of us don’t know where to start or deep down we don’t believe we can do it. 

Regardless of whether you’re starting from scratch or have a completed manuscript you can join the challenge.