The 3 Components to bringing out your Best Book

When it comes to writing your book or I should say before you even start to write your book. You should first understand the 3 components that will help you with zoning into the right niche market for your topic and your audience so as to be very successful with your launch and readers. It’s important to know that these 3 keys are vital to making sure you have the right book for the right readers.

The three components are OPPORTUNITY, KNOWLEDGE and ACTION. Find an Opportunity, Acquire the Knowledge and Take Action. With these 3 keys, you have the tools to getting from idea to manuscript in no time and also best seller status. Let’s deal with component number 1.


You must be aware of the gap in the market when it comes to books and what people want to read. Look out for where the space is huge and how you can make an impact in that market by writing a book on that subject, topic, niche or market. Once you find one then pick the best market that suits your skills and expertise to write a book on.

In this section you will need to now focus on why you are writing your book once you have found the opportunity. Before you even start to write anything, you need you sit and think about the book you want to write.

  • Is it to solve a problem
  • Give advice
  • Help people reach their goals
  • Bring a solution
  • To build your business
  • Introduce financial freedom

Find an opportunity in the SPACE you are in which might be finance, health and fitness, personal development, career development, business strategies, relationships or spirituality. There are so many topics you can write about to help your audience by solving a problem in that area, giving sound advice, helping them reach achievable goals, tips to building their businesses and open their eyes to being financially free.

The best way to find a topic to write about is to explore your PASSIONS, starting with your own passions gives great ideas for books. Write a LIST of everything you are PASSIONATE about and spend TIME brainstorming IDEAS about how to turn each one into a BOOK.

Now we will be looking at number 2 component.


Knowledge is the most important aspect to these 3 components because without it you cannot COMPLETE the last step. It gives you the power to carry on and move forward to the finishing line, once you have the KNOWLEDGE which in this case I would call your planning and research stage then you can be sure to having your book done.

You must be able to do the research on that topic you sourced out in step 1. Once you KNOW you would like to write about how to be successful then you must put in the work to DIGGING up the information needed to provide to your readers.

  • Knowing how they will be success
  • What steps they need to take to be successful
  • What makes a successful person
  • How can you stand out being successful?

These are QUESTIONS that need answers and must be thoroughly studied so when WRITING your book you have the KNOW-HOW tools people can use to be a SUCCESS.

SPEND time online finding out everything you need for your book to make it a best seller. The CONTENT within a book is as IMPORTANT as being an author. If you PRODUCE low quality content then you will never been seen as the go to person or an expert in that field. Make sure you have done your HOMEWORK and you know your stuff before producing the content and PUBLISHING your book.

RESEARCH on how to becoming a bestselling author, what it takes to make it happen, why you need to have a book, why bring out the best book and be the best you that you can be while writing your book.

Now we will be looking at number 3 component.


The final piece to completing the puzzle is making sure you take action on now writing the book. Find the time to write your book every single day once you have found your opportunity and you have the knowledge. This is VITAL in the steps to becoming an author and brings out your best book; if you don’t write then you won’t have a book anyway so it is up to you to make sure you do what’s needed NOW.

As they say “Action speaks louder than Words” You must be a person of FAST response, don’t delay, and be about it, just do it, make it happen for you. Put your head down and write writewrite to complete the book in time for your launch. Find your writing place and have a set time you write and bang it out daily my friend and you will see that in no time you will be an author.

Do what’s needed to getting your IDEA out of your head, onto PAPER and into a BOOK. The world is waiting to READ what you have to say, so take ACTION now to boost your business, gain a new income stream, attract new clients, become an expert and authority in your field.

You’ve got to be about it and make the MOVE to writing that book and using it as a tool of CHANGE for you and your business. Don’t let nothing stop you in your tracks to becoming an author but GO all out and PLAY full out because you’ve got what it TAKES to make it.

My goal is to help those in the self-help space bring the idea of their book out of their head, onto paper and then into a book in record time and then using that book as a tool to build their business, change lives and increase their income.

If this helps you to get started on your journey to becoming an author than I am blessed and would like to say congrats to you for making the decision to start writing your book NOW. Thank you all for reading and feel free to leave comments below if you have any questions or you can PM too.

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